The Creation Window

Creation Window - Let there be light, Genesis 1:3
Dedicated on November 3, 2019 in loving memory of 
Betty Wright Howson, 1924 - 2015

The Creation of the Creation Window
We chose to have the window over the main entry into the church as the Creation Window because our story begins with creation. God created the world and gave us the breath of life. Further, as people pass beneath the window on their way back into the world it is to inspire them to be part of God's new creation. 

It is the only window done in abstract design, in contrast to all the others that are designed in traditional forms. This completes the three large windows in the church. 

Photography: Henry Regehr 


The Artists:

Art Zone Glass

Artist sisters Jane and Kathryn Irwin were given various scriptures and hymns to work with in response to the theme. Their response was immediate, What better for stained glass then, Let There Be Light. God's first act is to bring light from darkness and Christ is the Light of the World and we are called by Christ to be light in the world. The Irwin sisters have crafted our theme beautifully. It gives a sense of the wonder of light bursting upon the cosmos and of the joy of being part of the light of God.

About Betty Wright Howson:

Betty Wright Howson's family has had a long association with Yorkminster Park Baptist Church. Her grandfather laid the cornerstone at the building of the church in 1927. Aside from ten years in Montreal, Betty lived within twenty minutes of Yorkminster Park from the day she was born. The Wright family has contributed three of the stained glass windows on the south side of the sanctuary, so the current generation felt it fitting to support another stained glass window for Yorkminster Park.

Betty was always an informal person. Her proper full name was Mary Elizabeth Howson but she always wanted to be known as just Betty. Betty never wanted to be in the limelight. If she were here today to see this window in her memory, she would be aghast! But she certainly knew of the importance of supporting her family church so she would have been proud of the kind gift to Yorkminster Park from her children Rick Howson, Beth Howson Emann, Ann Howson Bunting, and Bill Howson.

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