Discipleship 101 Online

Join Dr. Peter Holmes and the Rev. Dale Rose as they discuss many of the basic beliefs, practices and disciplines of the Christian faith. They invite your feedback and participation as they explore subjects such as: What is a Christian? Methods for reading the Bible, prayer and other spiritual disciplines; the church and how to discover one's place in it; worship, stewardship, service and sacraments; as well as some of the distinctions between denominations will all be explored. And they will introduce you to the life of the church they both serve and love: Yorkminster Park in the heart of mid-town Toronto. Join them online at yorkminsterpark.com and if you have questions please send them in by email and they will seek to address them as best they can.

Peter Holmes and Dale Rose were raised on opposite ends of the country, but met at Wycliffe College in Toronto and have been associated in ministry ever since, in both Montreal and Toronto. Combined, they have seventy years of ministry experience as Canadian Baptists. Peter has been serving on the ministry team at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church for the past twenty-five years where Dale joined him nine years ago.

Episode 1: What is a Christian? 

Episode 2: Scripture

Episode 3: Prayer

Episode 4: Communion 

Episode 5: Church

Episode 6: Baptist

Episode 7: Baptism

Episode 8: Service

Episode 9: Membership


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