YPBC Refugee Sponsorship

The sponsorship of refugees is an ongoing program of Yorkminster Park.

Refugees throughout the world live in terrible circumstances and our objective is to bring families to a safe and secure place, to model Christ's example in caring for the needy, and to give them every possible support as they strive to make a living here and to become part of Canadian society.

Sponsorship entails a one-year commitment of funding and support for a family once they have arrived and we ask for your prayerful support of this Ministry. Donations may be made using envelopes (marked Refugee Fund) and for each sponsored family we need someone to manage the sponsorship as well as many volunteers to help with housing, clothing, schooling, medical assistance and other needs.

Please visit refugeesponsorship.blogspot and subscribe to updates to get the latest information, or contact Michael J. Wills.

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