Past Lester Randall Lecturers


The Rev. Dr. Anna Carter Florence, Decatur, Georgia
  • Lecture: “Scripture and Testimony: Speaking the Faith We See and Believe”
  • Sermon (morning): Sermon (morning): “Diving In”
  • Sermon (evening): “Preaching the Verbs”


The Rev. Dr. Molly T. Marshall, Shawnee, Kansas
  • Lecture: “Telling it Slant: Preaching on the Trinitarian Life of God”
  • Sermon (morning): “God Plays all the Roles”
  • Sermon (evening): “The Church as Icon of the Trinity”


The Rev. Darrell Johnson, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Lecture: “So, What Is Supposed To Happen When We Preach?”
  • Sermon (morning): “Scandalous Love” (Part I)
  • Sermon (evening): “Scandalous Love” (Part II)


The Rev. Dr. Brian Haymes, Manchester, England
  • Lecture: “Preaching with Integrity”
  • Sermon (morning): “God’s lively Word”
  • Sermon (evening): “The Searching God”


The Rev. Dr. Stephen Farris, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Lecture: “Preaching Resurrection”
  • Sermon (morning): “The Power Working in Us”
  • Sermon (evening): “By Grace Through Faith”


The Rev. Dr. David L. Bartlett, Decatur, Georgia
  • Lecture: “Finding the Gospel in the Old Testament”
  • Sermon (morning): “Wrestling with God”
  • Sermon (evening): “Bartimaeus”


The Rev. Dr.Paul Scott Wilson, Toronto, Ontario
  • Lecture: “God Talk in a Weary World”
  • Sermon (morning): “Standing for Something”
  • Sermon (evening): “Sent by Someone”


The Rev. Dr. Joseph R. Jeter, Jr., Fort Worth, Texas
  • Lecture: “Dry and Famished”
  • Sermon (morning): “Come to the Waters... and Remember”
  • Sermon (evening): “At Table with Friends... and Enemies”


The Rev. Dr. Cleophus J. LaRue, Princeton, New Jersey
  • Lecture: “African-American Preaching: Characteristics Worthy of
  • Emulation”
  • Sermon (morning): “It Will Surely Come”
  • Sermon (evening): “God is at Work”


The Very Rev. Dr. Gilleasbuig Macmillan, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Lecture: “Integrated Preaching”
  • Sermon (morning): “Angels, Devils, Saints and Smells”
  • Sermon (evening): “This and That”


The Rev. Dr. Leonora Tubbs Tisdale, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
  • Lecture: “Is There a Prophet in the House?”
  • Sermon (morning): “Courage to Speak”
  • Sermon (evening): “The Gospel We Don't Want to Hear (or Preach)”


Rev. Dr. William H. Willimon, Durham, North Carolina
  • Lecture: “A Postmodern Reading of the Bible: John 2:1-11”
  • Sermon (morning): “You Call This a Church?”
  • Sermon (evening): “Why Didn’t They Know Him?”


Rev. Dr. Ernest T. Campbell, New York, NY
  • Lecture: “Imagination in Preaching”
  • Sermon (morning): “Don’t Go There!”
  • Sermon (evening): “In All Generations”


Canon T. Herbert O’Driscoll, Victoria, B.C.
  • Lecture: (Rev. Dr. Stephen Farris, Toronto)
  • Sermon (morning): “Some Dos and Don’ts for a Wilderness Journey”
  • Sermon (evening): “Signs of Grace and Hope”


Dr. Michael Quicke, London, England
  • Lecture: “What Makes a Preacher?”
  • Sermon (morning): “Adventure with God”
  • Sermon (evening): “Being Serious with God”


Dr. Colin Morris, London, England
  • Lecture: “Preacher as Public Performer”
  • Sermon (morning): “The Dependence of God”
  • Sermon (evening): “The Statement of the Christian Case”


Dr. John N. Gladstone, Toronto
  • Lecture: “Authentic Preaching” Exploring Four Points of
  • The Compass of Proclamation"
  • Sermon (morning): “From the White House to the Lord’s House”
  • Sermon (evening): “The Right Look in Your Eye”


Dr. Andrew MacRae, Wolfville, N.S.
  • Lecture: “Communicating with Our Culture”
  • Sermon (morning): “The Inclusiveness of God”
  • Sermon (evening): “The Imperatives of the Gospel”


Dr. John M. Buchanan, Chicago, IL
  • Lecture: “Surviving in the Parish”
  • Sermon (morning): “A Man Lost in the Middle of Life”
  • Sermon (evening): “A Woman Thirsting for Life”


Dr. Thomas G. Long, Princeton, N.J.
  • Lecture: “The Need to Know When the Preacher becomes a Teacher”
  • Sermon (morning): “Kindness” Simple and Not-So-Simple”
  • Sermon (evening): “Learning How to Tell Time”


Dr. Fred B. Craddock, Atlanta, GA
  • Lecture: “Is There Anything New About Preaching?”
  • Sermon (morning): “With the Best of Intentions”
  • Sermon (evening): “But do I Have to?”


Dr. Murdo Ewen Macdonald, Glasgow
  • Lecture: “The Craft of Preaching”
  • Sermon (morning): “The Authentic Radical”
  • Sermon (evening): “Jesus and the Children”


Rev. Dr. Rex A. Mason, Tauton, England


Rev. Dr. R. Maurice Boyd, New York, New York


Rev. Dr. A. Leonard Griffith, Toronto, Ontario

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