Roy Baskind

Friday, April 21st 2023 | 7:00pm

Everything about us is an emergent property of our enormous, intricate, and orderly nervous system.  And our nervous system, like any other system, requires security.  Providing that security is the job of our immune system.  But treason at the biological level is real.  At every level of the nervous system there are internal miscreants, rabble-rousers, and spies.  In this lecture, neurologist Dr. Roy Baskind will take us on a tour of those autoimmune domestic threats – from our nerves, up our spinal column, and into our brain – and in the process expose our internal ‘fifth column’: autoimmunity against our own nervous system.  This lecture aims to leave us with a newfound awe of our personal neurological government and how it can all go so wrong.

This lecture is a live, in-person event in Cameron Hall. You do not need to pre-register to attend – just show up.

The lecture will also be available online as a live webcast for which we do ask you to pre-register. Register Here >


Educated at the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Texas SouthwesternMedical school at Dallas, McGill University, and the Montreal Neurological Institute, Roy Baskind, MD FRCPC ABPN, fights against all kinds of neurological diseases at North York General Hospital.  He also lectures as adjunct faculty in the Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine, at the University of Toronto.  And he chronicles all on his podcast: