Panel Discussion

Friday, January 11th 2019 | 7:00pm

Daniel Tisch (CEO, Argyle Public Relationships)
Wendy Duff (Dean, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto)
Carol Radford-Grant (City Archivist, City of Toronto)
Robert Benzie (Queen’s Park Bureau Chief, Toronto Star)

The digital age has radically democratized communication – allowing almost anyone to create, publish and consume content. But technological advancement has also decimated the news media and made it more difficult for citizens to separate truth from falsehood – resulting in dangerous declines in trust in leaders, institutions, governments and businesses. Join us for a dynamic dialogue between an academic, an archivist, a journalist and a professional communicator – each a national leader in their field – as they explore the implications of the digital revolution on our democracy, and what we can do to preserve it.