James Lockyer

Friday, April 29th 2022 | 7:00pm


In this lecture James Lockyer will be talking about his work, the causes of wrongful convictions and how to reduce their numbers in the future.

This lecture is a live, in-person event in Cameron Hall. You do not need to pre-register to attend — just show up.  The lecture will also be available online as a live webcast for which we do ask you to pre-register. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

James Lockyer obtained his LLB at the University of Nottingham in 1971 and is a member of the Bar in England. He taught at McGill University and the University of Windsor before being called to the Ontario Bar in 1977. He has been a criminal lawyer for 44 years. Since 1992, the majority of his practice has involved unravelling wrongful convictions. Mr. Lockyer is a founding director of Innocence Canada (formerly known as the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC)) in which capacity he has been involved in high profile wrongful conviction cases including those of Guy Paul Morin (1995), David Milgaard (1997), Steven Truscott (2007), William Mullins-Johnson (2008),Tammy Marquardt (2011), Leighton Hay (2014), John Salmon (2015), Maria Shepherd (2016) and Frank Ostrowski (2018). He has received numerous awards and honorary degrees and, in 2018, was made a member of the Order of Canada. He is a partner in the law firm Lockyer, Zaduk and Zeeh.