Associate Musician

Ms. Christel Wiens, ARCT, BA, BRS, BEd

Christel Wiens studied advanced piano for four years with concert pianist Irmgard Baerg in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and choral technique with conductor William Baerg. She completed her ARCT in piano in her first year, later graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Winnipeg as well as a Bachelor of Religious Studies from the Mennonite Brethren Bible College and College of Arts, both with a major in music. Ms. Wiens also holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toronto.

Further pursuing her primary passions of music and German, Ms. Wiens lived in Kandern and Mannheim, Germany for six years. She moved to Toronto in 1986. Her varied career in both countries has included graduate studies in and university teaching of German, high school teaching (choral music and German), extensive vocal and choral accompanying, private piano teaching, as well as church musicianship.

Since autumn of 2012, Ms. Wiens has held the position of Associate Musician at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, assisting Organist and Director of Music William Maddox with conducting the choir, piano and organ playing. Her love of singing is undiminished, and she shares the position of alto section lead, a capacity in which she has served for many years.

Ms. Wiens began organ studies with William Maddox in 2011, and continues to enjoy his mentorship. His virtuosic playing and inspired teaching reawakened her interest in playing the organ - an interest which began during a brief period of initial studies with Heinz Rüdiger Drengemann in Mannheim.

Ms. Christel Wiens,