The Rev. Denise Gillard


Serving as Senior Leader of Denise Gillard Ministries, Founder and Executive Artistic Director of The HopeWorks Connection, CEO of My Divine Appointment, and Senior Pastor at Kingdom City Church, Denise focuses on supporting and activating healthy, impactful and accountable leaders who serve as change agents in the world.

Rev Denise received her undergraduate degree at Tyndale Bible College & Seminary (Toronto), and her post-graduate degree from the Divinity College of McMaster University (Hamilton). She was first ordained with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec in 1999 and now leads the flagship church of Partners in Missions and Outreach International, a Catch the Fire church.

Rev. Denise is the recipient of several distinguished awards including The African Canadian Women's Achievement Award for Excellence in Youth & Women's Development and The African Canadian Achievement Award for Excellence in Religion. She is also an award-winning author and songwriter.

Denise is mother to 3 children and grandmother of one. Along with her husband, Wilton, Denise lives in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.


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