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Rev. Dr. Peter Holmes

Peter Holmes, BA, MDiv, DMin is the Minister of the Congregation at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church.

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Conversations with a Monarch


A butterfly landed on my shoe
I wasn’t sure just what to do
But then the monarch said to me,
“I’ve come along to walk with thee”

But why would it walk when it could fly?
So here was I wondering, ‘Why?’
But then the monarch said to me,
“I’ve really come to set you free.”

A butterfly landed on my chest
with a broken wing it needed rest.
Again not sure just what to do
It smiled and said, “I died for you.”

Now I hold it closer to my heart
Yet still not sure just where to start.
A mere insect speaks with me?
Silly me, lost in a mystery

A butterfly landed on a tree
perched on a leaf right next to me
saying, “Feed and cling to the life,
when all about you death is rife,

For come what may, one day you will die
But then you will rise up and fly!”
It closed its wings as if to pray,
And in an instant flew away.

So grounded, wounded, I still may be
Yet now I will cling to the tree
Feed from love’s sweetest flower
Trusting heaven’s higher power.

JPHolmes 08/08/18