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A Prayer on the Ides of March

We woke up today to the horrific news of shootings in two mosques in Christ Church, New Zealand in which at least 49 people were killed during Friday prayers. These terrorist acts are evil and as Christians we must stand in solidarity with any group of people whether religious or not who come under such attack. And we must work and pray for the day when love is the law in every heart and concern for one another erases all fear, and united as one we find peace for all beneath the shadow of God’s wings. I have written the following prayer which I invite you to pray with me. I also invite you to reach out to your Muslim friends and colleagues and tell them we are praying for their community.

A Prayer on the Ides of March 2019

The heart of humanity aches this day
for those who only went to pray
to God in their week’s most sacred hour
to be gunned down by a malevolent power

There are times when a crime defies any rhyme
or reason apart from what it is in a word
Sin! But who let it in?
Hate! And who took its poison bait?
Evil! Who listened to that Devil?

O God, we all do when in one way or another
we close ourselves to the sister or brother
and even the Christ in a stranger’s guise
and look instead through fearful hateful eyes.

O let the rain fall down and the thunder sound
and remind us we’re on holy ground.
Wash away all pride from deep within
let the burning bush consume all sin
cleanse our soul and unite our hearts
and give this world a fresh new start
that all might sense your grace
without regard for creed or race
and see you smile on every face.
For you O God are love.

In this spirit we pray for all who grieve
for loved ones lost so suddenly and senselessly.
May they hear in the midst of the storm
your still small voice of calm.
We pray for those wounded too,
for medical teams and first to the scenes,
To the nation of New Zealand and the people of Islam
bring a peace that passes not away.

We pray for this world.
O God, let there be light all through this night
Give love the last word and make things right.
May your kingdom come and your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
For you O God, are love.
JPH 15-03-19

Grace and Peace,