“Honor the LORD with your substance and with the first fruits of all your produce” (Proverbs 3:9, NRSV)

In Hebrew, the interpretation of substance is ‘wealth.’ In scripture, this word for substance is also translated as force, might, stock, trunk, living, existence, power, acquisitions, possessions, standing, essence, goods, property and resource. Honor the Lord with your substance.

Stewardship at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church is intended to include our ‘substance.’ We wish to acknowledge God as Sovereign in our lives and the giver of all that we have. Stewardship is offering of all we have and are to our Creator: Our time, our talents, our commitment to the earth, to God’s justice and to the preservation of God’s grace-filling presence on earth.

Stewardship is a unique combination of theological beauty and ecclesiastical practicality in which we examine the basic paradox of existence: how to be creatures of a Creator, bound by the responsibility of management over all that lives and breathes, yet never allowed to exercise the rights of ownership. Stewardship combines matters of great spiritual import with the need to ‘get real.”
Stewards make heaven come to earth.