Staff Directory

For all general inquiries:
Please send email to

Rev. Dr. Peter Holmes
Minister of the Congregation
Peter's Blog
(416) 922-1271

The Rev. Paula Willis
Minister of Pastoral Care and Discipleship

Rev. John Torrance
Minister Emeritus – Pastoral Care

Mr. William Maddox
Organist and Director of Music
(416) 922-1550

Ms. Heather Mackey
Director of Family Ministries

Ms. Leticia Limgenco
Children's Ministry Associate

Dr. Fivel Flavour
Director of Operations
(416) 922-1443

Ms. Estelle Ramos
(416) 922-1210

Ms. Lily Petick
Office Manager
(416) 922-1589

Mr. Ray Tafaj
Building Supervisor
(416) 922-1304

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