Windows on the World | 2020-2022

Sunday, February 6, 2022
Rita Shelton Deverell CM
We were delighted to welcome Rita Shelton Deverell CM, who was recently appointed Chancellor of Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. Rita is well known as an actor, but is also a playwright, broadcaster, journalist, author, educator, mother and wife. Rita served as news director of Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and one of the founders of Vision TV and has won numerous awards and been presented with the Order of Canada. Rita serves on the Board of Directors of both the CBC and the ROM and is an active member of the President's Council on Truth and Reconciliation at Lakehead. She is married to playwright, Rex Deverell who served as a Canadian Baptist pastor in the early years of their marriage.


Sunday, June 27, 2021
The Honourable David C. Onley

We were delighted to welcome the Honourable David C. Onley to offer a Window on the Church about Canada. David is a former journalist who served as the 28th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario from 2007 until 2014. A polio survivor, David has been a courageous champion in removing barriers faced by those with disabilities. David has deep roots at Yorkminster Park and along with his wife, Ruth Ann, has recently joined the church.


Sunday, May 23, 2021
Pentecost Sunday

During our Pentecost Sunday worship service on we read the familiar Pentecost passage from Acts 2 in various languages as a sign of both the universal nature of the gospel and the unifying power of God's love. This year we have twenty-one participants reading the twenty-one verses in twenty-one different mother tongues. This pandemic may be keeping us apart, but the Holy Spirit is keeping us all on the same page - united in the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Sunday, May 16, 2021
A Visit to the House of Compassion

The House of Compassion, on Shaw Street in Toronto, provides 24/7 supportive housing for people living with severe and persistent mental illness.

COVID-19 kept us outside the house on a chilly day, but in conversation with Ryan, Executive Director of the House of Compassion and his team leader, Isabel Teles our hearts were warmed by the inside story. Yours will be too. Dr. Rob Inman, one of the co-founders, was also with us offering enlightening commentary on some of the history and Neil Hetherington, the Chair of the HOC Board, spoke of some of the needs and challenges of these times. You will get a glimpse of just how special the House of Compassion truly is and why it is so close to the heart of Yorkminster Park Baptist Church. 

Sunday, February 7, 2021
The Honourable Dr. Jean Augustine P.C., C.M., O.Ont., C.B.E.

We are delighted to welcome The Honourable Dr. Jean Augustine P.C., C.M., O.Ont., C.B.E. to our worship today. Jean had a remarkable impact on Canada as an educator, politician, and advocate for social justice and equality in the wider community and was the founder of Black History Month in Canada. Jean made history as the first Black Woman elected to Canada's Parliament, serving from 1993-2006. Her roles included Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister; Minister for Multiculturalism and the Status of Women; Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee; and Deputy Speaker. Her legislative successes include both the historic Black History Month Motion, and the Famous Five Motion honouring women's suffrage. She is a member of the Order of Canada and Commander of the Order of the British Empire; holds honourary doctorates from the universities of McGill, Toronto, York, Windsor, Waterloo, Guelph, and Trent.


Sunday, January 31, 2021
Rev. Dr. Bruce Neal

We are delighted to welcome the Rev. Dr. Bruce Neal to our worship today and as we do we congratulate him on his birthday earlier this week. Dr. Neal and his wife, Barbara, worship with us online each week. Many of you will know him as the brother of our own Ralph Neal, but some will remember him serving on our ministry team from 1961 to 1965, which was a very important time in our history. Bruce will be speaking of these years in the window on the world, but stay tuned after the service as Bruce and I will engage in a conversation about his years as one of the most effective preachers, pastors and leaders in our denomination. Bruce served in several of our historic churches and as the President of the Canadian Baptist Church nationally. He was also the architect of the Sharing Way.


Sunday, December 20
Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

On Sunday, December 20, 2020, family and friends of the church from all around the world were invited to read the lessons at our Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. We took the opportunity to have conversations with each of our readers. You will be blessed to see some old friends again and to meet some other extraordinary people for the first time.

The Rev. Dr. Elie Haddad
Principal Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, CBM Beirut, Lebanon 

Maddy, Meredith and Dave
London, UK 

John and Marianne Dobie
Wellington New Zealand

Fiona Fergusson and Betty Spiers
Glasgow, Scotland

Fiona Kwok
CBM Partners in Mission, Thailand

The Rev. Dr. Neville Callum
General Secretary Emeritus, Baptist World Alliance, Jamaica  

The Rev. Susan Sparks
Pastor, Madison Ave. Baptist Church, NYC USA

The Rev. Dr. Rex Mason
Emeritus Fellow of Regents Park College, Oxford 


Sunday, November 8
Rev. Phillip Jones of Guildford, England

For several years I have been the recipient of very encouraging emails from the Rev. Phillip Jones of Guildford, England. It turns out he has been watching our services online live each Sunday afternoon for close to eleven years.


Sunday, December 13
The Rev. Dr. William Sturgess
Minister Emeritus, Pastoral Care, Yorkminster Park Baptist Church

Prior to serving as Yorkminster Park's Minister of Pastoral Care, the Rev. Dr. William Sturgess served churches in Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba, as well as Bolivia. In this interview Dr. Sturgess both reminisces about his years at Yorkminster Park and draws on his years of experience to offer wisdom in facing the challenges of our day. 

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