“Christian Mission is the advancing of the good news of Jesus Christ. It is God’s cross-cultural mission, both local and global in scope, in which all Christians are invited to participate in spiritual and practical ministries of love and compassion.

Baptist Mission Partners

Baptist World Alliance (BWA)

The BWA connects us to 110 million Baptists around the world to advocate for human rights, promote evangelism, and facilitate relief and development. Through BWAid (a partner with The Sharing Way) Baptists worldwide can quickly send financial help to other Baptists in need. For more information, go to www.bwanet.org.

Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM)

CBM is the mission partnership of the Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Quebec, the Canadian Baptists of the Atlantic Provinces, the Union of French Baptist Churches in Canada, and the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. Through CBM we support personnel and national partner churches in Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, and Latin America. YPBC mission offerings specifically support CBM field staff Rupen & Mamta Das in the Middle East and Conrad & Fiona Kwok in Asia. CBM has facilitated our short-term mission teams to Poland, Kenya, and the Middle East. For information go to www.cbm.org.

STEP Programme

Since 2010, YPBC has been partnering with CBM in the Service, Training, Energizing, Partnership ministry to the Baptist Church in a country in the Middle East, including financial support and short-term mission projects. Our church gives generously to The Sharing Way, CBM’s relief and development ministry. Because it works with trustworthy partner churches in developing countries, it is a reliable channel for ongoing aid and emergency relief.

Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Quebec (CBOQ)

CBOQ supports and enables about 365 member churches to be healthy, mission-minded congregations. The CBOQ funds outreach ministries, has a dynamic youth program, and serves congregations and pastors in a variety of ways. YPBC’s financial support (through the mission section of the offering envelopes) contributes to the many ministries of the CBOQ. For information go to www.baptist.ca.

Toronto Baptist Ministries (TBM)

YPBC is one of about 85 churches from Brampton to Pickering, representing 25 different culture groups. TBM organizes the ordination of pastors, fosters fellowship opportunities and supports various mission initiatives and agencies, such as Parkdale Neighbourhood Church (now The Dale), Living Hope Community Church, South Asian Welcome Centre, and Toronto Baptist Intercultural Services. For more information go to www.torontobaptistministries.com.

Local Mission Partners

Through the Mission offering, the Board of Mission funds the following local mission and service projects.

Churches on the Hill (COTH) Food Bank

Nine churches in the Yonge and St. Clair neighbourhood, consisting of six denominations, work in a spirit of cooperation best demonstrated by the COTH Food Bank. Located at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, volunteers from YPBC deliver food donations, process applicants, stock shelves and distribute food. Donations of food may be placed at the Food Bank hampers in the YPBC Centre Hall or Narthex.

House of Compassion

Established in 1989 by members of YPBC, the House of Compassion provides supportive housing for up to 21 men and women in 3 adjoining houses near the Queen St. Mental Health Centre. We continue to provide Board Members and financial & volunteer support. For more information go to www.hoctoronto.com.

Matthew House

Founded by Toronto Baptists a few years ago, there are now several homes in Ontario, including two in Toronto, that provide temporary housing, settlement assistance and Christ’s love to newly arrived refugees. For more information go to www.matthewhouse.ca

The YPBC Dorcas Group

The YPBC Dorcas Group knits and crochets scarves, sweaters and baby garments for Matthew House and OASIS Dufferin Community Centre.

OASIS Dufferin Community Centre

Based at the Dufferin St. Baptist Church, OASIS provides a food bank, vocational training, ESL, a children’s homework club, counseling and other services for a primarily Hispanic clientele.

Meals On Wheels

For over 50 years, tasty, nutritious meals have been distributed from YPBC to those in need of Meals on Wheels services, by volunteers from several local churches and the adjacent community. Find more information at ypmealsonwheels.com or contact us at info@ypmealsonwheels.com.

Out of the Cold

About 20 Toronto churches open their doors to homeless guests during the cold winter nights. At YPBC, 90 volunteers overall prepare a nutritious dinner on Wednesday night, companionship and security overnight and provide a substantial breakfast on Thursday morning from November to early April.


YPBC member Alana Walker Carpenter, founder and CEO of Intriciti, organizes various events in order “to inspire business leaders to integrate their faith and business to effect unconventional change within a global context.” For more information go to www.intriciti.ca

Oneida Nation of the Thames

For the past several summers a group of volunteers from YPBC have traveled to the Oneida Nation of the Thames near London, Ontario, to assist pastors Shirley and Brian Gleadall in a week-long day camp programme for children. Through the Board of Mission fundraising efforts, additional financial support has been provided for the ministry at Oneida.

Refugee Sponsorship

For many years, YPBC has sponsored refugees from various countries, most recently an Iranian family and two sisters from Africa. Plans are currently underway for the sponsorship of a Pakistani family, two Syrian families and two Eritrean refugees.