Boards of the Church

One third of the elected members of each board are elected annually at the May Business Meeting for a term of office of three years. The following only highlights each Board’s responsibilities. For detailed information please refer to the Constitution.

Yorkminster Park Women

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Board of Trustees

The principal function of the Board of Trustees is to hold the real property of, and all trust funds acquired through gifts or bequests by, this Church.<br>
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Board of Deacons

The principal function of the Board of Deacons is to provide leadership to the Church. Among its duties are the inspiration, encouragement, and development of the spiritual life of the Church.
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Board of Finance and Administration

The principal function of the Board of Finance and Administration is to establish, co-ordinate, maintain and monitor the financial policy and practice of the Church and to administer the business and secular matters relating to the Church and its properties.
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Board of Christian Education

The principal functions of the Board of Christian Education are to institute and implement the programmes of Christian Education in the Church.
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Board of Mission

At Yorkminster Park we believe that, as fire exists by burning, the Church exists by mission. The Gospel of Love and Christ call us to evangelical, pastoral and social mission to our immediate city community and to the ends of the earth.
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Board of Music

The Board of Music is responsible for the music of the worship services in the sanctuary of the Church.
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