2012 Long Range Plan

Yorkminster Park will continue to be a place where appreciative, hopeful conversations are encouraged in informal and formal settings, with attention and consideration accorded to all members and adherents. It will be a place where larger numbers of the congregation will be drawn into greater participation in the life and ministries of the church.

Six years have passed since the Board of Deacons last created a Long Range Plan. The 2009/2010 Board decided it was time to create a new Long Range Plan for the church, in light of the accomplishments of the 2006 Long Range Plan, and the changing environment in which the church lives and has its being.


  1. To be a worshipping church, where we broaden our worship experiences so that we are inspired to greater faith and commitment.
  2. To be a people of the Word – studying, applying, and living in accordance with Biblical wisdom and spiritual understanding.
  3. To be a people of prayer, where prayer is more fully understood and is experienced as an integral part of healthy Christian faith.
  4. To be a church that actively engages the world around it and nurtures its sacred task of community and disciple building within the church.
  5. To be an intergenerational multicultural community of Christian faith where we are united as one on our journey of faith.
  6. To be a people of simplicity, releasing our time, talent and resources for connection with community and our families.

Yorkminster Park
2012 Long Range Plan

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