Director of Operations Job Description


Director of Operations

Chair of the Board of Finance & Administration

Head Custodian, Administrative Staff (2), Accountant or accounting service provider

Caretakers, Volunteers

The Director of Operations plays a critical role in supporting the work of the Ministerial Team and Church Boards to ensure that Church's vision and goals are met. The Director of Operations serves in a senior role providing a broad range of support to staff and volunteers in the areas of administration and operations including financial reporting and fiscal control. The Church Administrator will work closely with the Board of Finance and Administration to establish and maintain effective policies and procedures that meet legal/reporting requirements and support a smooth operation of the Church.

Vision, Mission and Priority Statements

• Vision: Thrive as a Christ-centered community that invites all to seek, discover, grow in, live, and celebrate their faith.

• Mission: Help all people encounter Christ by becoming involved in the Church.

• Priority: Encourage discipleship and fully engage the congregation and broader community.


A. Facility Management

1. Promotes and coordinate the use of premises by external parties, with a view to optimizing the revenues from such parties that fit and are consistent with the values and goals of the Church.

2. Manage rental relationships and deal with any issues that may arise.

3. Work closely with the Head Custodian and the Board of Finance and Administration on the creation/administration of contracts.

4. Participate in building maintenance staff meetings as required.

5. Coordinate implementation of Health and Safety Policies.

6. Lead all Risk Management meetings initiatives.

7. Work with the Property Committee and the Board of Finance and Administration to maintain building/administration policies and procedures as required and ensure that policies are implemented.

8. Monthly building and property inspection conducted with the Head Custodian including a summary report to the Head Custodian and Property Committee.

9. Leading and coordinating inter board needs and scheduling of events.

10. Work with Property Committee and Deacons Board on proactive planning, coordination and execution of security polices.

11. Cyber Security oversight ensuring regular review and updates.

B. Administrative and Ministerial Team Support

1. Attend all staff meetings and meet regularly with the Minister of the Congregation to ensure that issues of common concern are discussed and managed.

2. Develop important relationship with and confidence and respect of the Minister of the Congregation in the Director of Operations role.

3. Act as an ex-officio member at all Board of Finance and Administration, Property, Audit, Budget and Human Resources Committee meetings as required.

4. Present a Director of Operations Report at each Board of Finance and Administration meeting that highlights the previous month's Director of Operations departmental activities, challenges and accomplishments.

5. Monitor the Board of Finance and Administration and Property Committee budgets.

6. As the Privacy Officer for the Church ensure appropriate confidentiality is maintained.

7. Attend Congregational Business Meetings as required.

C. Accounting Coordination

1. Act as a signing officer of the Church.

2. Develop the Board of Finance and Administration budget and work with the Property Committee to develop the premises budget annually.

3. Monitor the Administration budget and Premises budget.

4. Provide oversight to the bookkeeper on financial matters simplifying the chart of accounts used by the Church.

5. Capable at a minimum ability to act as backup to complete payroll (or learn within two months).

6. Review all financial statements for accuracy and reasonableness with the bookkeeper.

7. Present the monthly financial statements to the Treasurer who is to present them to the Board of Finance and Administration at each meeting.

8. Provide backup to the Treasurer as required during Board of Finance and Administration meetings.

9. Provide coordination/advice to the various Church Boards in development of their annual budgets.

D. Human Resources

1. Understanding of HR rules, Policies, Employment Standards within a diverse group of people.

2. Direct and oversee work, training and development needs of administrative staff and property maintenance team to ensure adequate backup.

3. Oversee and enforce escalation process for any HR issues that may arise up to and including the Human Resources Committee.

4. Promote team building and healthy work ethic.

5. Seek approval to hire administrative and custodial staff as required from the Chair of the Board of Finance and Administration.

6. Provide feedback, coaching and support to team as required.

7. Respond to any concerns or issues brought forward by the Human Resources Committee.

8. Monitor team performance and conduct annual performance reviews including goals and objectives.

9. In consultation with the Human Resources Committee, establish employment contracts for new staff and coordinate all approved recruitment documentation.

10. Coordinate orientation and ongoing training of all staff and Board Chairs to administrative processes of the Church.

11. Coordinate termination protocol for exiting employees and where appropriate conduct exit interviews.

12. Work with Human Resources Committee and the hiring boards of the church in establishing and monitoring HR policies.

13. Maintain a secure and confidential HR file for each employee.

14. Attend Human Resources Committee meetings as an ex-officio member.

E. Community Relations

1. Field members questions and concerns and redirect as required.

2. As a representative of the church respond to community questions/concerns about the Church e.g complaints

3. Develop network with other Directors of Operations of churches to share best practices.

F. Technology

1. Proactively coordinate the maintenance/upgrades of hardware and software technology to run financial systems, data bases, PCs and other hardware/software systems as required

2. Arrange for staff training (and volunteers where required) on hardware/software as required.

3. Oversee maintenance and upgrading of electronic sign, webcasting and audio equipment.

4. Arrange for proper archives of all intellectual property including Church records, Board and Congregational Meeting minutes, webcasting and audio programming.

5. Update telephone and phone tree software as required.

6. Ensure all non-IT equipment upgrades are performed as required.



• Undergraduate degree in Business Administration/Commerce or related experience.

• An accounting designation would be an asset


• 5+years of supervisory experience required

• Direct experience in a church setting or other not-for profit organization is desired but not essential

• Experience working with and supervising volunteers

• Experience and understanding of working within the culture of a church setting or other not for profit organization

Job Knowledge

• Basic financial acumen of fund accounting, charitable operations, financial analysis and interpretation and regulatory requirements
Specific Skill Required

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and working with a technology administration integrator e.g finance, HR, scheduling etc

• Outstanding communication, technical and in-depth analytical skills

• Experience in property management would be an asset

• Understanding of the importance of good administration in the ministry context

• Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills required

• Sound organizational and time management skills are necessary, with an ability to prioritize, carry out multiple tasks and meet strict deadlines

• Ability to work independently, be flexible and take initiative

• Ability to work in an engaging environment while maintaining a strong service orientation

• Ability to identify confidential material and ability to keep it confidential

• Must be a team player and leader

Physical Effort/Working Conditions

• Must function in a regular office environment with required office equipment at hand

• Repetitive action (computer) and light lifting

• Flexible hours required to meet specific deadlines, attend meetings e.g. evenings


• Must fully support the Church's Vision, Mission and Priority and professionally represent the Church

• Ensure work is completed according to deadlines established in consultation with the Chair of the Board of Finance and Administration and the Minister of the Congregation.

• Work closely with the Minister of the Congregation, the Treasurer and Board Chairs to ensure the administrative processes of the Church are helping to further the Church's Vision, Mission and Priority.

• Work with the Chair of the Board of Finance and Administration to regularly assess the major components of the job. Implement and/or recommend improvements in an effort to contribute to the continuous improvement of the administrative functions of the Church.

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