About the Yorkminster Park Gallery

Yorkminster Park Gallery is located in the Yorkminster Park Centre and exhibits a broad range of works by professional calibre artists. This fine art gallery aims to engage viewers in the symbolic aspect of visual art. Artworks are selected from a full spectrum of genres from non-objective abstraction to high representation and are chosen for their spiritual content so that they might speak to the human spirit.

By providing the widest possible range of methods, themes, materials and subjects we hope to broaden viewers’ understanding and appreciation of visual art. Towards this end, the gallery continues to explore opportunities for arts education.

The day-to-day operation of the gallery is managed by a volunteer Art Committee whose members share a love of art and a variety of skills. The gallery’s season runs from September through July with eight shows mounted every season, each with up to twenty artworks. Although Yorkminster Park Gallery is not a commercial gallery, all works are for sale and may be purchased directly from the artist.

The public is welcome to view the art during business hours any weekday and noon-4pm on Saturdays. All are invited to attend opening receptions which take place on specified Sunday afternoons 12:30-2pm (see SLATE art guide for specific dates).

Yorkminster Park Gallery’s mandate is to share fine works of art with more and more viewers in the congregation, in the community and beyond.

Artists are requested, if possible, to visit the gallery space before submitting an idea for an exhibition. To apply please send 15 images, a CV or biography, and cover letter to:

Yorkminster Park Baptist Church
attn: Art Committee
1585 Yonge St, Toronto, M4T 1Z9

Gallery Hours:
Mon-Fri: 10am-2pm
Sat: Noon - 4pm