Pastoral Care Programs

Spiritual Counseling

The ministers are available to respond to requests for counseling. They may be contacted for any pastoral needs, concerns or emergencies.

Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness Committee provides advice to, receives direction from, and makes arrangements on behalf of the Board of Deacons related to the ministry of Parish Nursing. The committee supports the Parish Nurse’s focus on health promotion and the integration of faith and health.

Highlights of Activities and Events

  • Health and Wellness Seminars
  • Guest Speakers
  • Yorkminster Park Walking Club
  • Bereavement course
  • Christmas Service of Comfort and Hope
  • First Aid training
  • Healthy Eating Sessions
  • Soup Ministry

The activities above and many others are available through the year. Please visit News and Events for dates and times.

Parish Nurse

Our Parish Nurse is responsible for holistic health education, advocacy for the ill (especially the elderly), assistance accessing community services, and partnering with the ministers in spiritual and physical caregiving.

Open Door Ministry

The Open Door Ministry is open from Tuesday to Thursday. Many people walk through our doors during the week – people who live or work in the area, tourists or new to the city visitors who are curious to see the inside of our beautiful building and a few ‘regulars’ come to sit quietly. Occasionally, someone will make a comment or ask a question. Very often, we hear, “Thank you for being open.”

Hearing Assistive Devices

Receivers and headsets are available from the Information Desk in the Narthex. These amplify all speaking voices and the choir.

Large Print Calendars

These are available for every service, and may be picked up at the Information Desk in the Narthex.

Visitation Program

Members and adherents with special needs, e.g. seniors in a care setting or at home, are visited regularly by our Minister of Pastoral Care. Please let us know of members who are suddenly ill or incapacitated, or those recently bereaved, so that we can arrange for a ministerial visit.

At-Home Communion

YPBC offers a communion service in the home for those unable to attend church. This is done at the request of the member/adherent, by contacting the

Homecoming Worship Services

These are held twice a year for our homebound members – May and October. A reception follows each service, arranged by the YPBC Women. The Pastoral Care Committee arranges transportation.

Trips for Active Seniors

Twice a year bus trips are organized for the Shaw and Stratford Festivals. In addition, the occasional two or three day bus tour is arranged.

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