A Poem for Dave and Jim by John Fenton

Since the outset of the pandemic, Dave King and Jim Weir have faithfully opened a window on line Sunday after Sunday to bring our worship services to our congregation and online following.  It has been a life line for many and we are grateful to them and thank God for keeping them healthy throughout the pandemic.  One of our members, John Fenton, has been inspiring us in recent years with his poetry.  Last week he penned the following poem in appreciation of the service offered by Dave and Jim.
Thank you John!
No 210
Web Cast
Utterly vast
In it’s reach
Like overseas
This poem is dedicated
To two guys
Who faithfully serve
Every week
The services of YP
Establishment of this hi-tech tool
Was stressed
A long time ago
By dedicated men
The future they could see
Sadly they are no longer here
We are the beneficiary
Of this amazing 😉 gift
To all who may be shut in
Yes I’m one of them
Keeping connected
Is so important
For me web cast is golden
Thanks David & Jim
Your dedication
Brings so much satisfaction
To the wider congregation
John Fenton