Yorkminster Park’s online devotional is read by someone almost every day in Odessa, Ukraine.  I have often wondered if perhaps it is one of the singers from the Kyiv choir that twice visited our church, or perhaps someone from one of the many Ukrainian churches we have visited on our various pilgrimages of sacred spaces.  We have been blessed so often by our brothers and sisters in the faith from Ukraine that today we have found ourselves weeping and praying for them.

A Prayer for Ukraine (based on Mary’s Magnificat)

Almighty and merciful God, with Mary of old we magnify your name and rejoice in you, our Saviour. 

We give you thanks that your mercy is upon those who fear you from generation to generation and that you continue to show strength with your arm – an arm so strong that all the armies of this world shrink before it.  For you are the God who scatters the proud in the thoughts of their hearts and brings down the powerful from their thrones.  May this ancient song haunt all who seek to sleep in the Kremlin this night.  Awaken now all oppressors everywhere to the fear of God – that tanks might cease their rumbling, bombs their bursting, that faith, hope and charity might flourish in the human family. 

Indeed we rejoice in you, O God, for not only do you bring the proud and powerful to ruin, but you also lift up the lowly.  And so we raise before you in prayer the people of Ukraine asking you to fill them with good things; with courage and hope, with peace and prosperity in all they do. 

We remember with grateful hearts the beautiful melodies the Kyiv choir once offered in our church and we pray those songs might continue to rise up, reminding them that the victory is yours.  Grant that Ukraine might live and breathe as a free people in a free land. Protect too those within Russia working and praying for an end to this war. Drain Ukraine’s enemies of their energy and faith in their military might.  Touch their hearts instead that their sights might be set instead on the wisdom of your ways.   

O God as in your mercy you helped your servant Israel and raised up your Son, Jesus Christ, remember your faithful servants in Ukraine and hear their prayers and the millions of prayers being offered around the world.  Give wisdom to all who seek to lead in Ukraine, in Europe, in the UN, and in Russia too, that inroads of righteousness might emerge and peace prevail, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.