A PRAYER to guide your prayers through COVID-19

I offer this prayer to guide you as we pray together through this COVID-19 pandemic. Pray it slowly. Pause and reflect and add the names of those who weigh on your hearts.

The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy
but I have come to give life abundant and full (John10:10)

A Prayer During COVID-19
written by Rev. Dr. J. Peter Holmes,
of Yorkminster Park Baptist Church

The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy
but you have come to give life abundant and full (John10:10)

Gracious and merciful God
the news is bad again today – so bad.
For a thief has come to invade our shores,
to steal our dreams and destroy our lives.
But our hope is in you, O Lord.
For you came not to invade or steal,
but to offer your life on the cross in love
to conquer all enemies and rise above,
That we might come to surrender our fear
and know that Jesus is always here
and he breaks the barriers of distance again
to bring your good news
of life and love forevermore.

And so as COVID-19 wages war on this world,
we pray for our elders and others at risk.
Especially we pray for ….. (offer names of those on your heart)
Move in the hearts of each one of us now
to keep our distance and wash our hands
and to make a difference with calls and notes
and deeds of kindness by love invoked.

We pray for those who fight in the trenches:
doctors and nurses and medical teams,
paramedics and all first responders,
hospital employees and all who are near
to those who struggle through coughing and fever
for the precious breath of life.
Thank you for their care and commitment
bringing courage and hope and healing to life
Especially we pray for… (offer the names of those on your heart)
Put hope in their hearts and free them of fear.
Let love guide their hands and wisdom their minds,
cover them against infection and disease,
grant them rest at end of long shifts,
protect their families and preserve their homes with peace.

We pray for those who venture out to work
to offer services essential across the land.
Especially we pray for…. (offer the names of those on your heart)
Keep them safe and above the fears
and use their efforts and talents to keep the peace,
and allow for the essentials to continue to flow,
that together across this land,
as we hold our breath to take a stand,
that with your help and by your grace
we might reach that day when face to face
we can come again to our sacred place,
where tears and songs and stories we’ll share
with thankful hearts for your loving care.

Yet even now we see your love and grace
written on many a kindly face.
May it give pause all along the way
for your goodness and mercy every day,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

JPH 27-03-20