Dahlias Are…

Dahlias were dead at first fall frost,
all but the tuberous roots were lost.
Cleaned, sorted and stored in the dark
their future surely seemed quite stark.

But shortly after Easter Day
Planted were they in pots of clay
with soil, light and water they grew
up through the soil in a week or two.

By Victoria Day they’d moved outside,
soon in the garden with stakes to guide.
Some were in bloom by the end of June,
the rest will be showing very soon.

Gardener stand back and be awestruck!
Not your doing and not just luck.
Summer’s blooms are a gift of grace,
their bursts of colour to Eden trace.

Their victory over winter’s tomb,
sings out through every bloom.
A song for times we can’t cope
calling us all to live in hope.

JPH 05-07-18

Grace and Peace