Thank you to the families who have honoured their loved ones by placing memorial flowers in the church on recent Sundays when they have not been able to be there to appreciate them.

During these strange days of COVID-19 protocol when only a few of us are able to offer worship inside an empty church, the memorial flowers have served as a powerful reminder of the deeper communion we share beyond the physical presence and beyond even death through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As we lead worship in an empty space we still sense the presence of those we know are watching or the task would be impossible. So too the flowers symbolize the communion we share with those who have gone on before us. Just as we know that the many in isolation will one day be back, we believe that we will all be together again through the victory Christ has won over the grave and death.

The above arrangements were placed to the glory of God an in memory of Norman, Grace and Elizabeth Bishop; John Stevens and Kerr Spiers; Mary Jefferies; and Donna Britten.  These arrangements have been a true blessing.