WAITING – but not much longer!

As many of you know I have been waiting for major surgery since I was diagnosed with a rare cancerous tumour in early May.  My wait seems to be almost over as I received a call this morning with a date for next week.

My family, my ministry team and my friends have all been so supportive and encouraging and I am as pleased for them as I am for me.  My family of course also includes the people of the church whose prayers, cards, emails and messages have been a tremendous source of encouragement.  Thank you to one and all.

Waiting is not always easy especially in these Covid-19 times when it means living in isolation, but I have filled my days with quiet walks, gentle gardening, reading, writing, rest and prayer.

I have written a few poems including the following poem called, ‘Waiting,’ which was read at the beautiful concert Anne Lindsay offered yesterday at the church.   If you didn’t have a chance to see and hear one of Canada’s greatest fiddlers, you can still enjoy it at



I am waiting in a line
that winds around a corner
I know not where
it goes from here or there
yet already it stretches
me beyond belief

I am waiting on a call
that never seems to come
It holds out hope
which helps one cope
but the endless silence
deafens my spirit

I’m waiting in a room
all the doors are closed
the chairs are marked
with signs to keep us apart
an exclamation mark
leaving me alone

Yet in the line when I can not see
a garden scent catches up to me
there’s lilac and lavender in the air
and in the silence I cannot bear
the birds sing and the winds give voice
now’s the time to pray and rejoice.


J. Peter Holmes